Monday, 12 September 2011

The Hipster Anime Blog

Welcome to the Hipster Anime Blog! Now get out.

Pretty much all of the posts on this blog will fall into three main categories:
  • First impressions of the season.
    • At the beginning of each season.
    • Spoiler-free.
  • Thoughts on completed anime of the season.
    • At the end of each season. 
    • Spoiler-free.
  • Whole series reviews.
    • Whenever I feel like it.
    • Upon request. 
    • Spoilers abundant, most likely.

I'll also have a few guides on how to obtain & watch anime and other miscellaneous stuff. If any of these things piqued your interest, hang around and check back every few weeks or so. I'll be checking for comments daily, but go ahead and tweet at me or something if you want.

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