Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Classic Introductory Post

Hello and welcome to the Hipster Anime Blog. (The name of this blog is as original as it can get, and I most certainly did not copy it from an inactive blog that was shut down by a spineless normal.) That being said, this is to be the most popular anime blog of all time. I'm fairly new to reviewing, so please bear with my amateur mistakes that may pop up every now and then.

My reviews are full of my opinion, and my opinion alone, backed up by facts in the shows themselves. If you disagree, it's not my place to force you otherwise, and it is not your place to do so either. This is the place for me to express opinion, whether or not you may agree is entirely up to you. If you would like to discuss a conflicting point, feel free to comment and engage in a likely heated, but civilsed discussion with yours truly.

That aside as well, another point I would like to make is this. I write reviews for two main reasons. One is for fun, and the other is to improve my English, which seems to be dropping. As such, there is currently no clear timetable for me to post reviews, unlike most others who would post once a week and such. Also, due to this, there will be no scoring/rating system for anything. That way, numbers that don't mean shit aren't the only thing that you're looking at, and you'll need to read for yourself. You can work out a rating by yourself after you read it, if you want a rating so badly. A direct quote from someone who also dislikes scores and ratings:

I hate how people don't use the ten point scale to its full extent. Ten points is such a wide scale to use to support your opinions yet people are terrified of using anything between 1 and 5 and it ends up a 5 point scale between 6 and 10 with 6 being god-awful and 10 being just 'average.' The gaming community is particularly horrible about this. Perfect scores used to be applied to only classics such as Ocarina, but terribad sites like IGN get paid off to give 9.5's to pretty much every AAA title that comes along. They get their money and fans don't flip their **** so everybody wins I guess. I'm not Mega64's biggest fan, but they have the absolute most perfect parody of this situation: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/modern-game-journalism-the/723924

So when I first made a MAL, I took down the score section so people could actually ask me what I thought of a series and not just compare an arbitrary point scale. Before people were *****ing at me for not using scores, and now that I've put them up they're *****ing that I gave their favourite show a 5 when that qualifies as a completely average and enjoyable experience for me.

My (second) final paragraph shall be devoted to those who wish to request a review. By all means, please do. It would help if it were a show I haven't watched yet, but I will likely be willing to review shows that I had already watched, and enjoyed in the past. You can find my anime list here, complete with the status of the show (watched, stalled, dropped, etc.) which may aid you in your choice.

And this concludes my introductory post. Look forward to slightly-below-professional level reviews, coming at you every so often.


  1. The idea behind the shitty inflation of game scores isn't a conspiracy lol. Its really the issue of a) school grading and b) modern games don't suck. The first being that in a school the bottom half is one giant "fail" grade, and if a game functions to a degree, has any enjoyment factor and doesn't look terrible it will be at least "okay" and get a 6-7. I totally agree its bullshit though. However the second part is.... games are expensive to make and are generally just plain good. I mean if IGN reviewed flash games they'd probably have alot of lower scores but when you get large talented studios well funded by publishers and general conservative mindset of not fucking up, your going to get alot of good games. Yes its definitely playing it safe which leads to medicore innovation and the "innovative" games that are made are low budget and/or on smaller platforms (XBLA, iOS, etc). Sure I expect flak, cause obviously MW3 is a 2/10 cause its the same shit blah blah but hell even those people have some iterative franchaise they like too, fuck all the PCfags and their Half-Life, that shit's been the same since like 1997.

    Oh and fuck ocarina of time, I hated it when it was brand new and still do.

  2. Oh and scores are good for TL;DR and for situating reviews. Its not "objective" per se but its easier than trying to figure out if something that is "amazing" is lesser, greater or equal to something that is "fantastic". I mean I don't think I should have to read 1000 words to get if u like something, and not having to ask is a big time saver.

    1. I just don't find a score of 10 points to be broad enough to properly convey my thoughts. There's always some good or bad points about everything, and just subtracting and adding around 5 doesn't work properly for that. People who can't be bothered to read would probably just skip past my blog and look for some simplistic numbers anyway.